#THURSPOETRY: Charles Nyoni – That Hand

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#ThursPoetry returns this week for the first Zimbabwean poem of the year thanks to our friends at Gourd of Consciousness.

Charles Nyoni

Born Charlton Nyoni in Bulawayo in the year 1967. A visual artist, and poet. First published in 1982 and never looked back. With work spanning across the globe, he has done collaborative poetry and performed in stages as well as appeared in Hollywood movies like “the power of one” and “King Solomon`s Mines”.



By Charlton Nyoni

The hand so rough and big

It was dropped on my knee, smooth and silky

The weight of it was like a big trigger

A trigger to my senses switching them on

Strobes of electricity started coming on

Such a surprise to my whole body it was

Seemingly going all neon

Strawberry chicks oh strawberry chicks

Blowing up a few fuses in unmentionable parts

Both orifices drawing air!

Then it started creeping up my skirt

Thus it slid up my revolting thigh

Burning, scalding, hot wiring my senses

Undiscribable pleasure immeasurable

Every hair I had standing straight in protest

Too much and too little at the same time

Until it touched the hem of my panties

Now wet from sweat and something else

That hand so big and rough

Creating a world all of its own

I feel.  I feel.   I feel!

Total revulsion.

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