Et tu Donald? The president appears to drop his most loyal foot soldier

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Donald Trump is turning his back Rudy Giuliani, the one man truly willing to do whatever the president wanted. How did it come to this?

Rudy Giuliani
Rudy Giuliani (Image: Getty)

Of all the grifters and cranks to attach themselves to outgoing President Donald Trump’s traveling circus, perhaps the one with the most to lose — apart from Ben Carson — is Rudy Giuliani.

He could easily have gone down in history as an overzealous US attorney who took on the mafia and patented the “perp walk”, or as a fantastically overrated New York mayor, largely on account of the fact he happened to hold the office on September 11 2001, and gave the public the hard-line response it wanted.

Now, after two years as turning up as a crazed and incoherent defender of Trump across the media (and even more humiliatingly in the latest Borat movie) Giuliani is a walking punchline. And he’s learning what everyone who works with Trump eventually learns — the president is petty, can’t regulate his emotions and doesn’t pay his bills.

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