Global Partnership Leads the Way to Advance Digital Health

Across the globe, countries are making significant investments and advancements to promote the movement of electronic health information.  Global health information technology (health IT) leaders are working collaboratively to develop, implement, and share best practices with other nations about projects that advance key elements of digital health.  These efforts can yield better patient outcomes, reduce […]

We regret to report that Craig Kelly MP is at it again

Walking embarrassment generator Craig Kelly has spent much of the past year dedicating himself to COVID-19 misinformation. Don’t expect his bosses to grow a spine and call him out. (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas) As we’ve written before, Coalition backbencher Craig Kelly — presumably annoyed that deaths caused by his relentlessly spruiked coal industry are taking too […]

Sibling Bullying – Family Trouble Help

Arguing and bickering between siblings is to be expected.  Disagreeing on what to play, what show to watch, what to listen to on the radio is normal sibling behaviour.  Though when the arguing becomes a one way street from one sibling and becomes repetitive, intentional, intimidating, and meant to degrade the other sibling then the […]

A Path Toward Further Clinical and Administrative Data Integration: Health IT Advisory Committee Makes Recommendations to Reduce Burden and Improve Care

Michael Wittie and Thomas A. Mason | January 11, 2021 The Health Information Technology Advisory Committee (HITAC) recently approved a report and set of recommendations developed by the Intersection of Clinical and Administrative Data (ICAD) Task Force. The ICAD Task Force was established to produce information and considerations related to the merging of clinical and […]

Magnum XT Reviews- A Powerful Sexual Energy Booster?

Are you searching for Magnum XT reviews? Yearly, millions of couples around the world end their relationship due to sexual dissatisfaction. Many men are underperforming in their bedrooms and you are one of them by the look of it. Do not fret as this Magnum XT review will share with you the secrets of this […]

Labs on FHIR: Sharing Genetic Test Results

Allison Dennis; Kevin Chaney; Tracy Okubo and Teresa Zayas Cabán | January 7, 2021 The use of genetic testing is becoming increasingly routine in patient care. For example, tests are available to check newborns for genetic disorders, screen would-be parents for carrier status, inform cancer care, and evaluate potential pharmacogenetic associations. However, the laboratories that perform […]