“Mobilizing a Million Hearts” Through SMART on FHIR

Estimating risks and weighing the benefits of health interventions is a challenge for patients and their providers. Patients may wonder if they should be thinking twice before having that second portion of desert. Doctors may consider recommending a daily aspirin. Both may know that smoking poses a higher risk, but by how much? While the […]

Youth Meeting For Togetherness

Today 30-11-2020 A youth meeting held at Saaj Thannamandi (RAJOURI) under the leadership of Rizwan Khan Buraq where various youth issues was discussed Like unemployment, education, social and political issues basic developmental and drug awareness. Rizwan Khan Buraq stated that due to the negligence of govt. the youth of jammu and kashmir facing alot of […]

Should You Permanently Homeschool Your Child?

In 2020, parents have taken on many new roles. With children being off school for a very long time, you often had to play the role of a full-time teacher. You needed to ensure your child kept up their education while schools were closed. Some schools have reopened, and you might be eager to let […]

Accelerating API and App Connectivity: Consumer Perspectives

With the publication of the ONC Cures Act Final Rule, health IT developers, healthcare providers, and app developers now have formal direction regarding the content and transaction standards required for consumers to access their health information using standards-based application programming interfaces (APIs) and healthcare apps.  Building on this work, we’ve launched a new project to […]

5 Traits of Successful Accountants

Accounting is a highly sought-after career that can see a person earning a lucrative wage. For this reason, many consider whether they have what it takes to become one, especially if they’ve always had a flair for numbers.  Being a successful accountant takes a fair amount of work and certain sought-after traits. It’s not as […]

Is an MBA Necessary to Succeed in Business?

The decision as to whether you should get your MBA is significant and should not be taken lightly or made hastily. Earning your MBA is going to mean making sacrifices with your time, personal life, and finances, especially if you will need to take out private student loans to in order to pay for your […]

How to Start Your Business as an Undergraduate

If you look up to entrepreneurs who started their businesses while still in college, you might feel impatient about the time and money you’re spending on classes. In fact, a college education remains a good investment. People with a degree have higher salaries on average than people without degrees, and the access to networks and […]